I am Manaj, a product designer with 10+ years of experience designing B2B SaaS product.

With the design thinking process in mind and validating by usability testing, I create accessible and interactive prototypes for users to test. I keep iterating the process until it solves the problem.

Recent Works

  • Project details - rendition

    Redesigning product recommendations software and enabling self-service widget management

    The challenge was to modernize the outdated Optimizely Recommendation software’s widget management part by improving its UX and usability. Also to transition it from a managed solution to a self-service platform while keeping the look and feel of larger organizations design system. See more

  • Project details - rendition

    Rendition Design

    This is one of my favorite pieces of work. Although it's a small interaction, I believe it demonstrates how little things can influence people's minds. See more

  • Homepage redesign

    Redesigning digital asset management home page

    A refreshed homepage for assets, addressing longstanding issues and providing overdue improvements. See more

  • Design System

    The challenge was to create a reference system for all designers, featuring a set of reusable design elements. See more

  • Project details - List view asset library

    Asset library List View

    Enhanced the list view to display more content and added new features. See more

  • Opti Library inner page exploration

    DAM inner page exploration

    Personal experiments to create a unified viewer for individual assets. See more

  • NewsCred DAM Mobile Design

    Mobile design for Library

    Created a mobile version of NewsCred’s Library as a personal project. See more